Carrying NJ on his back and club music in his holster, Kevin "DJ Lil Man" Brown started a movement that made one of the biggest impacts on the youth worldwide. With a massive following of all ages, he most definitely lives up to his a.k.a of Mr. New Jersey.  


DJ Lil Man was born on January 30, 1989 and grew up in the Prince Street & Hill Manor projects in Newark, NJ. He attended Arts High School but graduated from Barringer High in 2008


. He also attended college at William Paterson University majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering for one year before deciding he'd rather cater to the college students musically than be one himself. His love for money led him to link up with Big Al in 2001, where he started engineering music before he took to notice the type of money, more established DJs such as DJ Tameil, the legendary Naim Johnson and DJ S&S, were making.  


The more he taught himself how to DJ, the more people became interested in hearing him. In 2002, he performed for the first time along side of DJ Tameil. Next, DJ Torry T & Nix In The Mix put him to the test as he played at the Robert Treat Hotel, a venue catering to a larger crowd located Downtown Newark. After hearing of DJ Lil Man's success, the legendary Chuck Chillout requested him for a Wendy Williams event in NYC. Since then, he had a newfound love and put engineering to the side to pursue a DJ career. In 2003, after traveling the state alongside of other DJs, he decided to invest in himself by starting P-Unit, a party promotion group which allowed him to DJ & throw his own events. Teens came from all over to see what the hype was all about making DJ Lil Man and P-Unit a household name. Riding on the success of this newfound movement, while producing hits for others, DJ Lil Man released his first single as a vocalist in 2003/2004 entitled "Swing That," which had its own dance. This song had New Jersey in a frenzy, receiving massive play in the USA while expanding to areas overseas as well.  


In September 2008, while promoting in the wrong place at the wrong time for an upcoming party, DJ Lil Man was struck in the left forearm by a bullet leaving that hand paralyzed. Luckily, he was able to continually satisfy the craving of young music lovers by taking part in producing many of the dance hits known now such as "Sexy Walk" "Left Right" and his 2nd vocal single "The Patty Cake," which has a dance that was inspired by the movie Grease. He released a third single, in 2010, another club hit, "Get Your Roll On" followed by "I Like The Way She Move" in 2011. DJ Lil Man has performed and played across the U.S for the smallest of crowds to a Bear Stadium (6,000) full. He has worked with many well known and music artists; DJ Envy, Funk Master Flex, Trina, Joe Budden, Rah Digga, Jim Jones, just to name a few.  


Today, you will find over 1.5 million views worth of viral videos on Youtube. Take a ride through Brick City and you are guaranteed to hear someone singing and/or dancing to one of DJ Lil Man's hits. You can guarantee your venue at capacity when DJ Lil Man is on the roster. Some Tri-State natives nick-named these types of parties "movies" influencing DJ Lil Man to nickname himself "The Director." If DJ Lil Man is not busy causing havoc at parties or producing new music,  spending time with his 8 year old daughter. Kevin "DJ Lil Man" Brown has accomplished more in his 20s then most people twice his age. "I feel accomplished. The only thing that i want to do is keep more kids off the streets but I don't have a limit. I just want to keep this all going." And with that being said, the world awaits patiently for the next big hit from Mr. New Jersey